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Xen Support Information

This wiki page is for users looking for answers to their support questions on the various Xen products (projects).

Basic support is also available on IRC at Freenode:##xen (Xen Hypervisor) and Freenode:#xen-api (Xen Cloud Platform issues). The xen-users mailing list is also available for general xen hypervisor support questions; please search all xen-users previous emails at before asking a question as your answer may already have been submitted to the xen-users mailing list. For Xen Cloud Platform questions, please leverage the xen-api mailing list. Send all HXEN and XCI questions to xen-users with appropriate project in subject line (e.g. [HXEN] or [XCI]).

More support information can also be found at

Xen Hypervisor TryIt!

Paid Support



  • XenCommonProblems - General Q&A on all things Xen

  • XenDocs - links to all Xen documentation as well as Xen Books

  • HowTos - how to examples on a variety of xen instllations

  • XenUsersQuestions - common questions with answers from xen-users mailing list

  • XenManagementTools - 3rd party management tools and interfaces for Xen and for XCP (Xen Cloud Platform)

Usage Assistance

Latest Xen Hypervisor Information & Features

  • Xen4.0 - the latest Xen hypervisor release

  • XenNetworking - overview of networking on Xen hypervisor

  • XenBridgeLoop - bridge loops in dom0 and domU

  • XenPCIpassthrough - PCI passthru to assign a PCI device to a guest

  • XenUSBPassthrough - passthru of USB devices from dom0 to guests

  • XenVGAPassthrough - VGA graphics adapter passthrough to Xen HVM (fully virtualized) guests

  • blktap2 - toolkit provides a user-level disk I/O interface

  • 2.6.18-to-2.6.31-and-higher - Build PVOps kernel

  • VTdHowTo - give a domU exclusive access to a PCI function using the IOMMU provided by VT-d

  • XenKernelFeatures - various features supported by different Xen enabled Linux kernels

  • XenPVSCI - PVSCSI allows high performance passthrough of SCSI devices (or LUNs) from dom0 to a Xen PV or HVM guest

  • XenParavirtOps - the upstream linux kernel with Xen

    • XenParavirtOpsHelp - what is required for users submitting bug requests for XenPVOps kernel

  • XenLinuxPVonHVMdrivers - using optimized PV-on-HVM drivers with Xen HVM guests running (unmodified) Linux kernels

  • Remus - Fault Tolerance for Xen, Transparent High Availability for VMs.

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