2015 Innovation in the Cloud Conference

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This event has been concluded. We had 56 registrations with about 30 attendees for this event held at Rackspace headquarters in San Antonio, TX. This page is maintained for historical reference.


What New Things Are Coming for the Cloud?

It's not enough to know what today's cloud looks like. You need to develop an eye toward the future of the cloud as well.

The Xen Project is proud to organize this conference for architects and users of clouds and virtualization of all types. Across the Free Software and Open Source world, there are many new technologies in the works which will alter the nature of the cloud forever. We are happy to bring a number of representatives together from these projects to give you a taste of the future of virtualization and the cloud.

We at the Xen Project recognize that the future of the hypervisor rests in the new technologies which will use it in new ways. Yesterday's workloads are already addressed; it's tomorrow's workloads which will determine the future. We are constantly working to facilitate those next generation workloads so our hypervisor will remain a top candidate in the cloud and beyond.

We will have speakers discussing a variety of projects and solutions, including:

  • Unikernels: VMs that are smaller and faster than Docker, but are much more secure
  • OpenStack in a hurry: From zero to cloud in minutes, not weeks
  • Graphics processor virtualization: Bringing high-speed graphics applications to VMs
  • Docker enablement: A new engine to deploy VMs just like containers
  • Security: New ways to make JVM payloads secure in the cloud
  • Embedded hypervisors: Taking virtualization and cloud capabilities to places they've never gone before
  • and more!

We'll have a full day of the newest and best technologies which will shape the next generation of cloud. These technologies will shape your future. The time to understand these things is now. And the place to understand these things is here.

You don't need to be a user of the Xen Project Hypervisor to attend this event. You just need to have an interest in the future of the IT industry. Unlike some one-day seminars provided by commercial hypervisor vendors, this is no sales pitch disguised as a technical offering. This is a FREE FOSS conference organized by an established project to provide excellent technical value without the sales nonsense or marketing drivel. We won't have big banners, dancing bears, or endless trinkets, but we will have excellent techical content which will shape tomorrow's technology.

If the future of the IT industry matters to you, you'll benefit from this conference.

Registration is now open via Eventbrite. Please register early so we can reserve a seat for you!

Update: Our Session List is Ready

We've got a number of great talks on tap!

  • Look Ma, no OS! An Introduction to Unikernels, by Matt Bajor of Rally Software
  • Xen and the Art of OpenStack Maintenance, by Rick Ashford of SUSE
  • Hyper: Make VMs Run like Containers with a Hypervisor-Agnostic Docker Engine, by Thibault Bronchain of HyperHQ
  • Xen and the Art of Graphics Virtualization, by Raghuveer Reddy of Intel
  • The Bare-Metal Hypervisor as a Platform for Innovation, by Russell Pavlicek of the Xen Project
  • Containers All the Way Down: From Immutable Infrastructure to Immutable Metal, by Rob Hirschfeld, CEO of RackN
  • Xen Project 4.6: A Quick Peek into the New Release, by Russell Pavlicek of the Xen Project

See our Sessions Page for talk descriptions and speaker biographies and check out our Event Schedule.

You need to register to gain access to the facility, so please register early to make sure you get in!

Special thanks to our sponsor Rackspace which has provided the venue for this event!

Event Venue:

Rackspace Hosting
1 Fanatical Pl
San Antonio, TX 78218

Click to review the 2015 Innovation in the Cloud Conference Sessions, the Event Schedule, and the 2015 Innovation in the Cloud Conference Logistics.

Webpage: http://xenproject.org/cloudevent