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Minutes from May 21st AB meeting.


Folks on the call (in random-order):

  • James Bulpin (Citrix)
  • Mikes Woster (Linux Foundation) [non-voting]
  • Mark Heath (Citrix) [non-voting]
  • Kimberly Hatch (CA)
  • Donald Dugger (Intel) [non-voting]
  • Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (Oracle)
  • Larry Wikelius (Calxeda)
  • Guido Trotter (Google)
  • Ian Pratt (Bromium)
  • Mark Hinkle (Citrix) [non-voting]
  • Chris Schlaeger (Amazon) [non-voting]
  • Sherry Hurwitz (AMD)
  • Susie Li (Intel)
  • Ajit Sanzgiri (Cisco)
  • Matt Wilson (Amazon)
  • Brian Warner [Linux Foundation) [non-voting]


  • Susie Li from Shanghai Intel drives Virtualization.
  • Brian Warner introduced himself as the Senior client relationship who can help us with logistical needs.


  • Konrad nominated James Bulpin as chair.

Motion.jpg Vote|Motion:  Confirm James Bulpin as chair
Pictogram vote 15px.png PASSED:

  • James nominated Konrad as deputy for hosting the call.
  • Konrad volunterred to take minutes. Lars is the deputy.


Actions from last meeting

  • Lars to investigate options for Xen Meetings and Xen events for 2013, 2014 & 2015 an plan face-2-face advisory board meetings. Options:
    • The September 17 meeting is at LinuxCon NA (we should go for a face-2-face at the same time as usual)
    • The October 15 meeting is the week before LinuxCon EU and XenSummit (my suggestion would be to plan for a face-2-face the same time as usual, the day before XenSummit aka Oct 23)

Pictogram vote 15px.png PASSED: Ensure remote people can dial into the face-2-face meetings

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Lars: Secure meeting rooms and re-schedule October meeting

  • Nominate (voting) proxies for the named advisory board members
    • Need: Samsung, Verizon / Terremark, Terremark, Cisco

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Larry: Nominate Calxeda proxy

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Ajit: Nominate Cisco proxy

  • Lars to setup up mailing list.
    • The AB voted in favour of making minutes public after filtering as needed. Mailing list is private and archived and requires sign-in.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Lars: Make mailing list private and archived

  • Matt to update on Security Discussion at Hackathon.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Lars: Finish up the current proposal on xen-devel

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Matt: Follow-up with a new proposal. Proposal would make the membership more transparent and establish a mechanism for expanding the membership to divide work.

Test Infrastructure

(James) to comment on test infrastructure for Xen:

  • This requires HTTP access, SSH, and a way for developers and test maintainer to use variety of hardware and tests. Both Intel and Calxeda offered hardware. Calxeda also offered hosting once the XenRTT is open-sourced. The XenRTT is homegrown and complex to setup. Citrix has consulted with an ex-Citrix employee who is familiar with the framework to help.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action James: Organize sub-group reporting to AB on the its progress. Members of this are: James (Citrix), Sherry (AMD), and Larry (Calxeda). First goals is to internally deploy it and work on stripping Citrix-related parts. Time-frame is July.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action James: Need to find a test maintainer

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action James: Demo of XenRTT to interested parties

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Konrad: Since XenRTT is going to take time, talk to Ian Jackson whether he needs help in expanding his oss-test to include other commercial guests (Win 2012, Win 2008, etc). Keep James in the loop.

Sponsorship of interns and internships

(Konrad) Sponsorship of interns and internships

  • There are two topics: providing money to the Gnome Women's Outreach Program to sponsor an extra intern; and internships for Xen as a fallback if we are not choosen as GSoC. For both projects we have mentors, but not the money. The goal of both is to teach and potentially hire people by different companies interested in Xen.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Brian: Whether Linux Foundation has done this in the past and how would it be done now and in the future.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Brian: Do we have discretionary money to fund interns and internships.

Motion.jpg Vote|Motion:  If feasible and we have the budget, would we be willing to spend $5K for additional intern to work on the Linux side of Xen?
Pictogram vote 15px.png PASSED: All but Konrad (who abstained) voted Yes.

Discretionary Authority for Community Manager

[Question] How much discretionay authority can Lars have? A specific example was a release note for Xen 4.3.

Brian pointed out that we have can do two press release every year. They are very far-reaching and involves a lot of Linux Foundation staff. He also noted that if there is a need for more, that can be discussed. A proposal came up that we vote on the mailing list for other and future proposals. Lars does not have discretionary authority to use those two press releases without AB approval.

Motion.jpg Vote|Motion:  Use one press release for Xen 4.3 release and defer the rest to the mailing list.
Pictogram vote 15px.png PASSED: All but Konrad (who abstained) voted Yes.

Contact Coverity to scan Xen code

(Konrad). Contact Coverity to scan Xen code. James mentioned that this should be part of the Xen.Org Technical Call.

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Konrad: Put on Xen.org Technical Call agenda.


Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action James: Remaining agenda items to be resolved on the mailing list

  • Verify Infrastructure Decisions: verify a number of assumptions that I have been making
    • Do we continue to want to use comp'ed Rackspace services (given that Rackspace is not an AB member). If not, we need an alternative.
    • Is it OK for back-ups of infrastructure to be made to Citrix (as now). If not, we need an alternative.
    • Lars would like to upgrade the Xen Project Slideshare account to professional. The non-profit price is GBP 295 which is 50% cheaper than the normal price (and I can pay annually instead of monthly)
  • Assumptions about Events and Marketing
    • How much freedom regarding designs for T-Shirts, which events we go to, etc. does Lars have?
    • A number of similar issues on boundaries need resolving