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By following this beginners guide, you will learn the outline concept of XCP by installing it and doing basic tasks without prior knowledge of XCP. Some basic knowledge about Linux, virtualization, networks and working on the command-line is necessary.

This guide also includes daily tasks like creating a new VM, which are being used explaining XCP and it's components.

What is XCP all about

By installing XCP from a single ISO-image, you get a ready-to-use virtualization plattform that consists from:

  • Xen Hypervisor: providing the low level virtualization
  • XAPI: the XCP toolstack which is used internally to manage the hypervisor
  • XE: the command-line tool to configure and operate the XCP plattform
  • xsconsole: a text-based UI to do basic tasks and configurations



  • 64bit x86 computer with at least 1GB of RAM
  • Storage (HDD) with at least 40(?)GB to install XCP and some basic VMs (XCP itself will take a 4GB chunk)
  • DVD-Drive (netboot is possible, but not covered here)


  • The XCP ISO, see Downloads for the latest build
  • Any guest OS (ISO-image suffices) you want to install