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When and Where ?

We confirmed the Xen Hackathon for May 16-17, 2013 in Dublin Ireland.

  • May 16th: 9AM to 5PM
  • May 17th: 9AM to 5PM

More information will be published shortly.

Topics to Discuss

Xen Developer and Roadmap discussion

Date of insert: 02/03/2013; Verified: Not updated in 2020; GSoC: N/A
Technical contact: Lars Kurth
Mailing list/forum for project: xen-devel@
IRC channel for project: #xen-devel
Difficulty: N/A
Skills Needed: N/A
Description: As we are all together, the Xen maintainers and committers should discuss Xen 4.4 roadmap items as well as any other items that need coordination. Alternatively we could consider doing this the day before the Hackathon.
Outcomes: A rough plan and meeting minutes