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But you probably already knew that, since it's empty. Please see the related blueprint on Launchpad. See the Ubuntu SpecSpec for instructions on writing an Ubuntu specification.


The Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) is an open source enterprise-ready server virtualization and cloud computing platform, delivering the Xen Hypervisor with support for a range of guest operating systems. It is being ported to run on a Debian or Ubuntu host system.

This project will produce an XCP service provider for Juju. This service provider can be used to provision Juju charms on pools of Citrix XenServer systems, XCP systems, or XCP "Project Kronos" systems running on Ubuntu.

Please visit the Ubuntu page on Launchpad for more information.

Release Note


With Project Kronos,'s port of the XCP toolstack to Debian and Ubuntu systems, we're more tightly integrating Ubuntu Cloud with Xen and XCP. It seems natural that we would want to provide a way for people to use Juju, Ubuntu's system for provisioning services on the cloud, with XCP and Ubuntu Server-based XCP systems.

User stories

  • Dave the DevOps dude has just created a small pool of XCP servers. Since he's finished a little early and he's got time to kill, he decides to play some Minecraft with his coworkers. He heads to the nearest Ubuntu box (which doesn't take long, because it's already on the workstation in front of him), and types 'juju deploy --repository=/home/dave/juju xcp:oneiric/minecraft', and set's up a Minecraft server in minutes
  • Debbie the charm developer has just written a new charm to painlessly install her company's new flagship product, Enterprisey 2.0. She's already tested it using the local provider, and she wants to test it using another provider. She's already installed Xen and the XCP toolstack on her dev box, and she's configured her juju environment to point to her local box. Now she just has to run the command 'juju deploy --repository=/home/debbie/enterprisey-charm xcp:oneiric/minecraft' and it will provision a new Oneiric VM on her machine and install her Enterprisey 2.0 software on top of it.




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