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Xen Project, Outreachy and GSoC 2016

The Xen Project Advisory Board will be sponsoring two interns for Round 12 of Outreachy (formerly known as the GNOME Outreach Program) which runs from May 23, 2016 to August 23, 2016. The project will also apply as mentoring organisation for GSoC 2016, which runs during the same time period as Outreachy.

  • Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved in open source projects. Our goal is to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the Xen Project. It is an expansion of the very successful GNOME Outreach Program for Women and we are running the program in conjunction with GNOME and other prominent open source projects.
  • Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.

Information For Applicants


The program is open internationally to women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people. Additionally, it's open to residents and nationals of the United States of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander (see outreachy/about).

How To Apply

The official program period for Outreachy Round 11 begins Dec 7. Please fill our your application and complete your Xen Project patch by November 2. Applicants that do not complete the first patch will not be considered for an internship. Please take a look at our application FAQ for more info on how to fill our your initial application. Applicants will be notified in April if they have been accepted.

If you are interested in being a Xen Project intern, please:

  • Join the xen-devel@, mirageos-devel@, ... mailing list depending on the project you choose (check the table below).
  • Get yourself a suitable starter project (see Requirement to Make a Small Code Contribution and table below).
  • Join the #outreachy IRC channel on for questions related to the program and to connect with other participants
  • Join the #xen-opw IRC channel on for meetings between applicants and mentors (note: we may change the channel name later to reflect the name change)
  • Read our instructions for applying, and apply by November 2nd 2015 !
  • Ask one of our friendly developers on for a bite size bug or work item to fulfil the Make a Small Contribution Requirement. This can be reviewing somebody's code, submitting a patch, or similar and will need to be done by November 2nd 2015.


  • September 29 (applicants): Application process opens
  • November 2 (applicants): Application deadline
  • November 6 (mentors): Xen Project mentors get together and evaluate applicants
  • November 9 (mentors): Xen Project decides which applicants to put forward
  • November 17 (applicants & mentors): Accepted applicants announced
  • December 7 - March 7 (applicants & mentors): Internship dates

Community Reviewed Project List

Xen Project Team Project List Small Code Contributions Contact Information

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, C, scripting
Outreach Program Projects An easy way to get started (and show that you can set up the Xen Development Environment, fix an issue, build and test Xen, submit a patch, etc.) is to address a suitable number of Coverity Scan issues. Ask on xen-devel@ for a set of suitable Coverity issues. Note that this does not require any access to the Coverity scan results. Open bugs to fix under the Small Code Contribution Requirement can also be found on
IRC: #xendevel
Mirage OS

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, OCaml
MirageOS Pioneer Projects Ask on the list
IRC: #mirage
Infrastructure & Community Infra and Community Projects These may differ per individual project. Projects that are currently available are: These may differ per individual project. Contact information for projects are:

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, OCaml
None at this stage Ask on the list
IRC: #xenapi

Useful Resources

Here is some links to guides, tools, development flows etc.

Contributor Training

Information about Outreachy and past participants

Information For Mentors