Building XAPI for debian

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The easiest way to compile the XCP toolstack from source is to use the xapi-autobuilder. We usually run on a debian unstable or ubuntu 11.10 amd64 machine.


Install the required packages:

apt-get install cowbuilder pbuilder debhelper dh-ocaml dh-autoreconf cdebootstrap python-debian git git-buildpackage omake ocaml-findlib


First, clone the build scripts:

git clone
cd xapi-autobuilder

The build scripts can build for several different distributions and architectures. To select, run

export DIST=oneiric # or sid or precise
export ARCH=amd64 # or i386

Then run:


This will build all of the required packages for Xapi on Debian. Take a look at 'git-repos' to see which repositories are involved, and modify that to point to your own repositories if you plan on compiling your own code.