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This category contains extensive tutorials that help people learn new skills by using a step-by-step process, which ensures the user is following along and comprehending the material. Note that on our Wiki we see Tutorials similar to [:Category:HowTo|HowTo], but they are often more comprehenisve and cover more extensive use-cases. Good tutorials contain:

  • An overview that helps potential readers to determine quickly if a particular How-To matches their interests or needs.
  • Describe your intended audience:
  • State the purpose of your HowTo: this will explain how the reader will benefit by reading it.
  • Preconditions: inform your reader about any required knowledge, configuration, or resources they may need before stepping through your How-To.
  • Step-by-step instractions: in a precise, step-by-step approach, walk your reader through the process. Make sure your reader can reproduce your intended result by following your exact steps. Make the learning process efficient by supplying sample code snippets or configuration details as necessary.

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