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When is it Needed?

The Ecosystem pages on allow users to create listings. These need to be approved by an Administrator/Moderator

Steps an Administrator/Moderator Needs to Perform

Step 1: Log into the web backend

Administrators will be told how to do this

Step 2: Go to Mosets Trees

Checklist-Approving Ecosystem Listings-Mosets.png

Step 3: Chose Listing for Approval

Checklist-Approving Ecosystem Listings-Pending.png

Step 4: Sanity Check, Fix errors and Approve (or Reject)

Checklist-Approving Ecosystem Listings-Approve.png

Step 5: Find submitting user

Checklist-Approving Ecosystem Listing-User Manager.png

Step 6: Add user to vendor group

Checklist-Approving Ecosystem Listing-User Vendor Group.png

Step 7: Update AcyMailing Vendor Mailing List

There are two parts to this step: first update the AcyMailing user database from the Joomla database, then update the Vendor Mailing List from the updated AcyMailing database.

From Joomla menu: select Component > AcyMailing > Users

Click the "Import" icon.

Select "Joomla Users"; do NOT select any list to subscribe - this is to update the AcyMailing User Database only

Click the "Import" icon.

It should give you a number of users added. Should be non-zero.

From the AcyMailing menus on the page: select Lists > Filters

Click "Add Vendors to Vendor List"

Click "Process" icon.

Promotion on twitter

Make a note on twitter and let the community know that new vendor (you may need to go to their web page to check their twitter ID) is new on the ecosystem directory, linking to it. The tweet should include #xen and is intended to get more vendors to sign up.