Checklist/Kicking off Xen Docs Days

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Make sure you are an OP for the #xendocs day channel (asked one of the other OPs to change your status)


Make an announcement on the relevant mailing lists a few days before, stating the date and linking to - Docs Day TODO list - Docs Day page

Make sure that a header such as

{{InfoLeft|The next [[Xen Document Days]] for is on May 28th 2013}}

is added to Main Page and Xen Document Days.

Add information about the next Docs Day to the #xendocs IRC channel title

Add events to Facebook and Google+ pages.

Add event to Events section.

On the Day

Step 1: Main Page and Xen Document Days


{{InfoLeft|[[Xen Document Days]] is today. }}

to Main Page and Xen Document Days === Step 2: Update topic of #xendcos IRC channel ===d

  • Make sure that the headline states that today is docs day
  • You need to be a channel OP or ask a channel OP to do this

Step 3: Reminder mail

Send a reminder to the appropriate developer and user lists

Step 4: Remind people on IRC

  • Join #xendocs channel
  • Remind people on relevant IRC channels (typically ##xen, #xen-api and #xen-devel)
  • You will need to do this 2-3 times with an hour in between

The day after

  • Send a thank you mail
  • Remove banners from Main Page and Xen Document Days or set to next Docs Day
  • Change #xendocs channel title to the next known docs day date