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== ConVirt ==
From the [http://www.convirture.com/solutions_xen.php ConVirt] documentation:
From the [http://www.convirture.com/solutions_xen.php ConVirt] documentation:
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From the ConVirt documentation:

"ConVirt is a powerful virtualization management platform for administering and automating your Xen infrastructure. Use ConVirt if you need centralized management; if you need high availability, backup & restore, and workload management; if you need self-service for your customers; or if you want to manage your virtualization infrastructure from a "single pane of glass"."


  • ConVirt 2.5 is Open Source. It can be installed locally or as a pre-built VM image from the Convirture website.
  • ConVirt currently integrates with xm/xend. Support for xl/libxenlight and/or libvirt is on their roadmap.
  • Integration logic is a little stale, apparently with the last explicitly supported version of Xen Project software being 3.2. You may need to manually do a few tasks to integrate with your 4.* installation.