Embedded and Automotive/Archived/PV Drivers/Roadmap

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Initial contribution by GlobalLogic

  • Automotive SoCs support
    • TI Jacinto 6 support - done
    • Renesas R-Car gen 2 support - done
    • Renesas R-Car gen 3 support - done
  • QNX IPL and drivers - abandoned, as interest has shifted from QNX to AGL, for which there is an upstream. The risk of having to maintain an unnecessary Xen port was considered too high at this stage
  • Initial cpufreq implementation in XEN
  • Initial PV drivers APIs implementation (tty, RTC, audio, event, rpmsg)

Xen 4.9 release

  • major PV drivers APIs: sound, display, input - done
    • frontend and backend implementations available on GitHub

Xen 4.10 release

  • "Non-shared" IOMMU support - done
    • VMSA-compatible IOMMU in Renesas R-Car gen3 driver - done
  • generic co-processor (GPU, DSP, FPGA, TPU, ...) virtualization support
    • vcoproc design documentation created
    • initial implementation in progress
    • drivers to be implemented as deprivileged applications
  • integration with ARM TrustZone based on OP-TEE
    • SMC/HVC bridge in Xen
    • OP-TEE driver as a deprivileged app
    • changes in OP-TEE itself: dynamic memory management, multiple domains support
  • deprivileged applications in Xen on ARM
    • initial stubdom support for ARM done
    • initial EL0 deprivilege support done
    • will be use for non-upstreamable drivers (GPU, TEE, etc.)
    • may be also used for PL011 emulation required by Linaro spec