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Hyperlaunch is a new, flexible system for launching the Xen hypervisor and virtual machines.

The design enables seamless transition for existing systems that require a dom0, and provides a new general capability to build and launch alternative configurations of virtual machines, including support for static partitioning and accelerated start of VMs during host boot, while adhering to the principles of least privilege. It incorporates the existing dom0less functionality, extended to fold in the new developments from the DomB project, with support for both x86 and Arm platform architectures, building upon and replacing the earlier 'late hardware domain' feature for disaggregation of dom0.

Hyperlaunch is designed to be flexible and reusable across multiple use cases, and our aim is to ensure that it is capable, widely exercised, comprehensively tested, and well understood by the Xen community.

DomB mode of dom0less

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