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The virtualization API libvirt is a toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). It has support for the Xen Project hypervisor, including a libxenlight port

The current URI syntax for libvirt can be found here. This is worth noting, as some older Xen Project-specific URI patterns have been deprecated in favor of a newer, generalized syntax.


Libvirt is commonly used by installations which need to support both Xen Project and KVM hypervisors. It is also used by companies like Oracle and SUSE in their OpenStack-based cloud offerings.

Generalized virtualization applications use libvirt so they can (theoretically) support multiple hypervisors with a single interface. The "theoretical" portion of this is that the application must be intelligent enough to avoid calls which don't apply to the selected hypervisor (e.g., employ KVM-specific libvirt calls when controlling a Xen Project VM).

Libvirt can be exercised via Virsh Commands.

Also, the Xen4CentOS effort includes an updated version of libvirt.