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Tnull is used to nullify templates in the monospaced font. It is similar to {{tlx}} in the way that it has support for many parameters.


Typing {{tnull|foo|bar|baz|boo}} in the "edit-form" would yield {{foo|bar|baz|boo}} in the "read-mode".

Note on the "=" character

If there is a "=" character in any parameter, you must replace it with &#61; as in:

{{tnull|click|image&#61;image name|width&#61;width|height&#61;height|link&#61;page name}}

Or you can use parameter-number=value as in:

{{tnull|click|2=image=image name|3=width=width|4=height=height|5=link=page name}}

Either method would yield the following output:

{{click|image=image name|width=width|height=height|link=page name}}

See also

  • {{tlc}} – No link, several parameters and text in <code></code> style.
  • {{tld}} – No link, several parameters and teletype text style.
  • {{tlf}} – No link, several parameters and normal text style.
  • {{tl}} – Template link, no parameters and normal text style.
  • {{tlx}} – Template link, several parameters and interwiki links, teletype text style.
  • {{tn}} – Same as {{tl}} except it shows the braces as part of the link.
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