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The wikitable Template:top is a first-of-three column templates when desiring to display two formatted columns side by side. It was adapted from a Wiktionary template set with the same names.

It must be used with {{Mid}} and {{Bottom}} to form a complete table of two columns.

The additional parameter (either) bgcolor or bgColor can be defined to change the default color of the template display, from the default "Transparent" color. Such an override must be applied to both {{Top}} and {{mid}} as well... or one gets columns of two different colors.

Hidden content above works only when included as is wikitable head end.
Default parameters
Note on the relationship between the two width parameters "width" and "width2": a width of 1% always occupies a center (empty) column, so
width (outer) must be set to satisfy the relation: width >= (2 * width2 + 1%)
border=0 (none) width=100% (overall width) width2=48% (see below, each column's width)
|bgcolor= was once "#FFFFE0" (a [[web color|light yellow]]), now "transparent", 
          so takes on the page background color, whatever that may be.
Default perameters may be overridden by expressing the matching named parameter.
{| border={{{border|0}}}  width={{{width|100%}}}
|bgcolor={{bgColor|{{{bgcolor|"#FFFFE0"}}}}}} valign=top width={{{width2|48%}}}|
... data within table
Parameters are:
bgColor or bgcolor affecting bgcolor
border             affecting border style, including color, width, etc.
width              affecting overall width, within which the inner column width is applied.
width2             setting the inner column width, should also apply same value to {{Mid}}.

Use Example shown below:

*The first list of items, usually bulleted links
{{Mid}} <!-- Mid must be placed in the wrap point of the table... 
        half or so above, half or so below. Contrast with {{Top2}} below.
*The second list of items, usually bulleted links
Appearance of above example
  • The first list of items, usually bulleted links
  • 2...
  • 3...
  • The second list of items, usually bulleted links
  • 2...
  • 3...

Note that the 2nd column lacks the coloring as in column 1; color must be specified for each column, so for column 2, use: {{Mid|bgcolor=lightblue}}.