Virsh Commands

From Xen

The libvirt toolkit is focused primarily on KVM virtual machines, but it is intended to be usable for multiple virtualization technologies, including the Xen Project Hypervisor. As a result, some commands are essential when using Xen Project software, but others do not apply as they are targeted for KVM concepts.

Some of the essential virsh commands for manipulating Xen Project VMs include:

Common VIRSH commands:
help print help
list list domains
create create a domain from an XML file
start start a previously created inactive domain
destroy destroy a domain
define define (but do not start) a domain from an XML file
domid convert a domain name or UUID to domain id
domuuid convert a domain name or id to domain UUID
dominfo domain information
domname convert a domain id or UUID to domain name
domstate domain state
quit quit this interactive terminal
reboot reboot a domain
restore restore a domain from a saved state in a file
resume resume a domain
save save a domain state to a file
shutdown gracefully shutdown a domain
suspend suspend a domain
undefine undefine an inactive domain
setmem changes the allocated memory.
setmaxmem changes maximum memory limit.
setvcpus changes number of virtual CPUs.
vcpuinfo domain vcpu information.
vcpupin control the domain vcpu affinity.
version show version
dumpxml domain information in XML
nodeinfo node information
There are other commands which are not used.
Unused VIRSH commands:
connect connect or reconnect to a hypervisor