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Xen Project User Summit was held on September 15, 2014 in Downtown Manhattan

The year 2013 marked the arrival of the very first Xen Project User Summit. In 2014, we drew a variety of people to the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center in the heart of New York City to discuss the use of the Xen Project hypervisor.

Sessions Announced:

Following were confirmed speakers and presentations discussed in New York:

  • Konrad Wilk, Xen Project 4.5 Release Manager, Oracle Corporation — reports on the advances and features to be included in the upcoming Xen Project 4.5 release;
  • Peter Linnell, Linux Technical Specialist, SUSE – gives an overview and demo of Xen Project software in OpenStack with SUSE Cloud;
  • Don Marti, Technical Marketing Manager, Cloudius Systems – instructs how to deploy C and Java applications directly on Xen Project virtualization using OSv;
  • Olivier Lambert, founder of the Xen Orchestra Project, Vates -- discusses Xen Orchestra, a web-based interface for the Xen Project Hypervisor, as well as XenServer using the XAPI toolkit.
  • Steven Maresca, Senior Security Engineer, Zentific LLC — talks about Zazen, a security framework for the cloud that uses several of Xen Project software’s latest features to deliver VM security;
  • Johnny Hughes, CentOS Project – outlines using and understanding Xen4CentOS and shares the latest developments with the CentOS Virtualization SIG;
  • Grant McWilliams, Custom Product Engineer, Sound Linux Training and Consulting — discusses the lessons learned from provisioning a large numbers of XAPI-based security appliances;
  • Russell Pavlicek, Xen Project Evangelist – describes many of the advanced security features with Xen Project software that can be used in either traditional virtualization environments or a cloud;
  • Will Auld, Performance Architect, Intel Corporation — introduces a high availability project called COLO, (COarse-grain LOck-stepping virtual machine solution for non-stop service);
  • Tim Mackey, XenServer Community Manager, Citrix – presents XenServer.org one year later and a look at the next release;
  • Adam Wick, Technical Director, Systems Software, Galois Inc. - defines what "unikernels" (sometimes called "cloud operating systems") are, why they are important to the future of cloud computing, and when and where to use them;
  • Lars Kurth, Xen Project Advisory Board Chairman, Citrix – reports on the activities of the Xen Project Advisory Board, as well as the development community.

For more information about Xen Project User Summit, including how to register and to view the complete schedule, visit: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/xen-project-user-summit.