From Xen

From the Ceph documentation:

"Whether you want to provide Ceph Object Storage and/or Ceph Block Device services to Cloud Platforms, deploy a Ceph Filesystem or use Ceph for another purpose, all Ceph Storage Cluster deployments begin with setting up each Ceph Node, your network and the Ceph Storage Cluster. A Ceph Storage Cluster requires at least one Ceph Monitor and at least two Ceph OSD Daemons. The Ceph Metadata Server is essential when running Ceph Filesystem clients."

Ceph can be used with the Xen Project Hypervisor.



To see a video from Xen Project User Summit 2013 about Ceph architecture and using Ceph with Xen Project, see Ceph, Xen, and CloudStack: Semper Melior by Patrick McGarry (check out the slides here).