Checklist/Kicking off Xen Docs Days

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Initial Preparation

Make sure you are an OP for the #xendocs day channel (asked one of the other OPs to change your status)


Make an announcement on the relevant mailing lists a few days before, stating the date and linking to - Docs Day TODO list - Docs Day page

Make sure that a header such as

{{InfoLeft|The next [[Xen Project Document Days]] for is on May 28th 2013}}

is added to Main Page and Xen Project Document Days.

Add information about the next Docs Day to the #xendocs IRC channel title

Add events to Facebook and Google+ pages.

Add event to Events section.

Monthly Preparation

Find top contributors from past Doc Days. Contact them to thank them and encourage them to contribute again. Find out what they want to work on. Modify the TODO list to reflect same.

See what swag is available to reward top contributors for the upcoming Doc Day.

On the Day

Step 1: Main Page and Xen Project Document Days


{{InfoLeft|[[Xen Project Document Days]] is today. }}

to Main Page and Xen Project Document Days === Step 2: Update topic of #xendcos IRC channel ===d

  • Make sure that the headline states that today is docs day
  • You need to be a channel OP or ask a channel OP to do this

Step 3: Reminder mail

Send a reminder to the appropriate developer and user lists

Step 4: Remind people on IRC

  • Join #xendocs channel
  • Remind people on relevant IRC channels (typically ##xen, #xen-api and #xen-devel)
  • You will need to do this 2-3 times with an hour in between

The day after

  • Add top contributors to Wall of Fame
  • Send thank you email, announcing Wall of Fame additions, and recipients of swag
  • Remove banners from Main Page and Xen Project Document Days or set to next Docs Day
  • Change #xendocs channel title to the next known docs day date