FuSa SIG/Status

From Xen

Scope Definition

  • Hardware
    • Platform core components (no platform drivers): timer, mmu, iommu, irq controller
  • System configuration
    • Dom0less
    • Mixed criticality: a certifiable VM and a non-certifiable VM

Ongoing Efforts

  • Requirements and documentation
    • Doxygen for documentation of internal and external interfaces
    • Doorstop to link documentation and requirements to code
    • Zephyr solution (originally by Intel) based on Doxygen
    • In Progress: conversion of hypercalls docs to Doxygen format
    • MISRA C Working Group established
    • MISRA C Working Group is evaluating MISRA C rules and accepting them into the Xen coding style.
    • C rules officially accepted in Xen
    • cppcheck available to detect violations, see *make cppcheck* and *make cppcheck-html*
    • In Progress: violations reduction and MISRA C rules acceptance
  • Static System Definition
    • Static memory allocation
    • Static heap allocation
    • Static cpupools
    • Done: cpupools
    • In Progress: memory and heap allocation
  • Determinism and interference reduction
    • Interrupt latency analysis in Xen
    • Cache Coloring
    • In Progress: Cache Coloring upstreaming
  • Traceability
    • Trace review comments and patch versions all the way to a commit
    • Status: script prototype available to retrieve all mailing list discussions from a commit id