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This page contains a calendar with known public holidays. It is used as an information resource by the Xen Project Security Team, and by other Xen Project community members, to try to help with the scheduling of vulnerability disclosures.

(See the Xen Project Security Policy,, for background.)

Note that disclosure schedules are determined by the discoverers of vulnerabilities who do not need to follow the guidelines in the Xen Project policy. Where discoverers ask the Xen Project Security Team for advice, or choose to follow the policy, the holiday information here is advisory only. Because the policy requires us to consider other factors too, we cannot guarantee to avoid holidays.


Month Date Holiday Territories
May 25 Mon Victoria Day Canada
May 29 Mon Spring BH UK
July 1 Sat Canada Day Canada
July 4 Tue US Independence day US
August 7 Mon Civic Holiday Canada
August 7 Mon Picnic Day Australia (NT)
August 28 Mon Summer BH UK
September 3 Mon Labor Day Canada, US
September 25 Mon Family and Community Day Australia (ACT)
September 29 Fri AFL Grand Final Day Australia (VIC)
October 2 Mon Labour Day Australia
October 9 Mon Thanksgiving Canada
November 7 Tue Melbourne Cup Day Australia (VIC)
November 11 Sat Rememberance Day Canada
November 23 Thu Thanksgiving US
December 25 Mon Christmas Day UK; many others
December 26 Tue Boxing Day UK


We will send out a call for contributions to the 2018 calendar, some time around September 2017.