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PV guests don't run in an fully emulated environment like HVM guests. As a consequence they cannot boot from the network (pxeboot) or from a cdrom. They can however boot from a user provided kernel or from one of the kernels installed in the VM disk image.

I think that should be discussed. Is not true, pygrub can boot off some isos since a few years, proivded you place them in the first line of the disk list. also, pypxeboot as used i.e. in OVM could do this since 2007.

If it's not longer supported, please write that instead of such incorrect info. As it is it's extremely frustrating.

Also, could we please avoid statements as "Otherwise you can write yourself a simple wrapper script that" "You just need to" "Trivial"

If it's so easy, it should be properly integrated into Xen. It's not there because it's not a simple thing.

PV guests can boot off many ISO images using pygrub.

PV guests can boot off a network, and if they can't today it's because feature has been broken one million times.

Maybe who ever is adding content to the wiki should make sure it's not total bullshit. Thank you.