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In Xen Project 4.10 we have made significant changes to the user interface.

Guest types are now selected using the type option in the configuration file, where users can select a pv, pvh or hvm guest.

The builder option is being deprecated in favour of the type option. The pvh option has been removed in Xen 4.9 (it will still work, but will create a PV guest). A set of PVH specific options have been added.

Guest type Xen 4.10 or later Xen 4.9 or before
x86 Guests
PV domain type="pv" builder="generic"
HVM domain (includes PVHVM) type="hvm" builder="hvm"
PVH domain type="pvh" builder="generic" and pvh=1(from 4.4 - 4.8)

In Xen 4.9 pvh=1 is ignored and a PV guest is run

ARM Guests
N/A (only one Guest Type specific to ARM) Do not use type Do not use builder