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This page is about manually verifying that Xen on ARM works correctly on your ARM or ARM64 platforms. It is recommended to follow these steps during Xen test days and to verify Xen RCs (Release Candidates) on as many different platforms as possible.

  • Install Xen on ARM on your system. A lot of information about how to build Xen from source and install it on your ARM platform is available here.
  • Boot the system. Check the console logs and verify that Xen and Dom0 booted successfully. Connect to the console and verify that the system is usable (Is it responsive? Can you issue commands in Dom0?).
  • Test hypervisor functionalities: clone raisin on the platform and run ./raise test

Reporting Bugs (& Issues)

  • Use Freenode IRC channel #xentest to discuss questions interactively
  • Report any bugs / missing functionality / unexpected results.
  • Please put [TestDay] into the subject line
  • Also make sure you specify the RC number you are using
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines on Reporting Bugs against Xen.

Reporting success by mail

We would love it if you could report successes by e-mailing xen-devel@lists.xen.org, preferably including:

  • Hardware: Please at least include the exact board or hardware name into the test
  • Software: If you're using a distro, the distro name and version would be the most helpful. Other helpful information might include the kernel that you're running, or other virtualization-related software you're using (e.g., libvirt).
  • Guest operating systems: If you tested a guest, please specify here
  • Functionality tested: ARM Manual Smoke Test
Subject: [TESTDAY] Test report (<name of board>)
* Hardware:
* Software:

* Guest operating systems:

* Functionality tested: ARM Manual Smoke Test

* Comments:

Reporting success by wiki

The Xen ARM Manual Smoke Test/Results contains a list of people who have specific boards and also lists when these boards have been last tested. Feel free to add any test results to the table.