Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting/August 2012 Minutes

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Ian Campbell Boris Ostrovsky Sherry Hurwitz Jason Douglas James Bulpin Jan Beulich Donald Dugger Kurt Hackel

Review outstanding ACTION items

  • Simon: Discuss IRQ's and MSIs with MSIs and get Andy Cooper talking to Jun on xen-devel
James to prod Andy
  • Lars: Start cleaning up Xen 4.2 feature list such that it is in good shape when we go into Xen 4.2 RC's
(OPEN) Some work has been done here
  • UEFI
Kurt: The person who is going to be working on this has been finishing up some kexec work which has delayed UEFI stuff
One of the main things will be secure boot
  • Hybrid
Mukesh's Linux tree is in good shape.
Last case (hybrid dom0 + PVHVM guest) is now working.
Xen patch is on the way -- posting before XenSummit.

Topics Discussed

4.0.x and 4.1.x releases

  • Jan: Latest RCs have been sitting for a couple of weeks

ACTION: Ian to ping Keir and provoke either new RCs or actual releases

Time based releases

  • Sherry: Would allow alignment with hardware releases and planning
  • James: Also helps with XenServer planning
  • Jan: There are pro and cons, e.g. releasing just because 6 months has passed even though there may be nothing of particular interest in the tree
  • James: A short list of "headline features" would help
  • Jan: Need to consider if 6 months is the correct cadence, previously we have aimed for 9 months. Need to consider the overhead of the release process.

To be discussed further at development day meeting

Calls with no agenda

What should we do if there is no particular agenda on a given month

  • James: The development meeting in two weeks has cannibalised from the agenda this month, unlike to be this quiet every month
  • Jan: Reviewing the ACTIONS from last time is valuable in its own right
  • Don: Even "not done" is useful since it helps motivate people.

Conclusion: Better to have a very short call than to cancel.