Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting/October 2012 Minutes

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Ian Campbell Andres Lagar-Cavilla Adin Scannell Boris Ostrovsky Sherry Hurwitz James Bulpin Ian Pratt Donald Dugger Jun Nakajima Kurt Hackel George Dunlap Matt Wilson

Apologies: Lars Kurth Jan Beulich Daniel De Graaf George Coker

Call membership

Welcomed new call members from AWS, Gridcentric and NSA.

ACTION: Lars to write up purpose of monthly call

Review ACTION items

Follow up on San Diego F2F meeting actions

  • George has sent 4.3 list to xen-devel
    • if you are working on stuff not on the list let George know
  • Future Direction of Xen and PV:
    • Konrad to summarize PV ops discussion from KS on xen-devel. Carried over
    • Konrad to make concrete proposals regarding PVH and PVOPS and disucss on list when appropriate in future. Carried over
  • EFI secure boot:
    • Matt sent links to reference hardware a few weeks ago (DONE)
    • Best practice doc - Stefano added to list for next doc day (DONE)
      • Next doc day on October 29
    • On 4.3 todo list
  • Nested virt
    • On list for 4.3
    • AMD support in 4.2? Not fully cooked, could declare as an experimental feature.
      • WinXP mode on Win7 is least stable case (but probably most


      • Working on making work for 4.3
    • Intel actively working on and testing nested support for 4.3
  • NUMA working group - Lars checked, there is none (DONE)
  • NUMA - link up with AnilM - interesting discussion but nothing for 4.3 timeframe (DONE)
  • Guest NUMA - VMware vNUMA exists, vMotion works with it but afterwards the VM may not be optimised
    • Matt Wilson posted a link to a blog article on xen-devel
  • Upstream kernel features
    • Intel are working on connecting up their Xen and Linux guys

Current technical challenges

  • AMD (Boris): oprofile vs perf status?
    • Ideally perf on Xen would be feature comparable with on KVM
    • Is perf sample based like oprofile? Yes, but can also use performance counters
    • Sounds like this has no owner currently but Konrad and others would like to see it

Coordinate current and future work

  • Uservoice.com: George setup xenorg.uservoice.com to supplement 4.3 planning.
    • Users can suggest new ideas and vote on them
    • Was put up mid-August and mentioned on lists.
    • ACTION George to blog about it
    • How do we get xen.org contributors to pick these items up?
    • Top features:
      • Boot HVM guests with pass-through for primary GPU
      • Storage motion (not sure if people want this for XCP or Xen+xl)
      • QXL GPU support for SPICE
      • PVSCSI
        • Konrad may have in a branch
          • Needs upstreaming to Linux
          • Need xl support for xend parity
      • libvirt driver enhancements (all libxl functionality in libvirt)
        • Talking to Suse about tracking their work
        • Suse are looking at this right now and have a team of devs on it
  • 4.3
    • Gridcentric wants to see wait queue in h/v in 4.3
      • willing to work with Keir on this
      • ACTION Andres to follow up on xen-devel
  • XSM doc project - Citrix employing a contractor to write wiki docs on use of XSM.
    • XenServer team (via James) can review - suggest also getting XenClient review