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Rather than try to predict precisely what will make it into what release, we are following an approach from the Agile world and call all uncompleted features the "Backlog". We are however keeping track who is doing what, what is completed and what is almost completed in this wiki page. For ongoing work check out the Process section of this document.

Release Manager

Wei Liu from Citrix remains Release Manager for Xen 4.7.


As in the past, roadmap discussions will mostly happen on the xen-devel mailing list (see below). The convention is that our release manager will regularly post an e-mail called Xen 4.7 development update on the xen-devel list and that community members respond to it.

The Process

You can find information on how we make releases in this blog post. We also attached a few pictures for your convenience.

Xen 4.7 Timeline

We are planning on a 8-month release cycle. Our current estimated dates:

 Development start: 13 October 2015
 <==== WE ARE HERE ===>
 Last posting date: 18 March 2016
 Hard code freeze: 1 April 2016
 Release date: 3 June 2016

Running Roadmap Updates on xen-devel


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Xen 4.7 Completed Features

== Hypervisor == 

=== x86 === 
Intel CDP support
  -  He Chen

Record of Discussions and Votes leading to the 4.7 Release Process

Other Information about how we manage releases